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A little bit goes a long way!

Young Hearts Therapeutic Riding

is registered as a charitable 501(c) (3). organization in Washington state.

All donations will be used to provide care for our therapy horses, improve our facilities, and create expanded opportunities for our riders. Your donations can also reduce the cost of therapy so that families pay only a percentage of the actual program costs.

Choose an amount from our "wish list" below, or click the "I want to help" button below to make a custom donation!

Young Hearts Therapeutic Riding EIN: (87-1644695)

Young Hearts rider grooming a horse and smiling.

Items on our current wish list!

Heart with double sided arrow.

Click on any "donate" button and Young Hearts will purchase that item for our program.

Bale of Hay

 A $30 gift will provide one bale of alfalfa

horse eating grain

A $35 gift will
provide one
bag of grain

A $75 gift will provide one bareback pad to promote balance and strength in our riders

horseshoes hanging on peg

A $125 gift will provide a new set of shoes for one of our therapy horses

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