Four therapy horses in the grass.

Meet Our Therapy Horses

Young Heart's horses are cared for with compassion and expertise in coordination with our veterinary partners. Happy, healthy horses make great therapy partners and help our riders to reach their goals!


I am a beautiful bay gelding who really loves his job! I can go fast or slow, depending on the needs and skills of my rider. I am an excellent choice for independent riders and I'm very reliable for lessons led by our volunteers. My favorite thing to do is to eat, but I'm in really great shape! I like a nice carrot after my lessons!

Colt, a therapy horse
Jessie, a therapy horse.


I am a buckskin with awesome tiger stripes on my legs and a nice dark line down my back. People say I am very good-looking, but I don't let it go to my head because I am really just a goofball at heart! I love working hard and doing my best for each rider. When I'm not doing lessons, I enjoy barrel racing and roping with my best friend, Kristin. I like apples and carrots, so my riders can choose!


 I am a nine year old Palimino gelding. I started out my career as a hard-working ranch horse who didn't even know what a carrot was! Now I enjoy a peaceful life at Young Hearts where kids feed me carrots and other treats all the time! I am sturdy and have a beautifully dappled coat that shines in the sunlight. Some people say that I am beautiful,  but don't tell Jessie!

Toby, a part-time therapy horse.


I am a gray dun, also known as a grulla. I love my life as a roping horse, but I get a little jealous when I see the other horses having so much fun with our riders. You might notice me when I make an appearance at special events or fill in for other horses when they are busy. And by the way, I'm a true gentleman who loves all treats!