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Meet Our Therapy Horses

Young Heart's horses are cared for with compassion and expertise in coordination with our veterinary partners. Happy, healthy horses make great therapy partners and help our riders to reach their goals!



I am a buckskin with awesome tiger stripes on my legs and a nice dark line down my back. People say I am very good-looking, but I don't let it go to my head because I am really just a goofball at heart! I love working hard and doing my best for each rider. When I'm not doing lessons, I enjoy barrel racing and roping with my best friend, Kristin. I like apples and carrots, so my riders can choose!


Hi guys! I am the youngster in the bunch, but I’m very mature for my age. I have a long white blaze down my face, and a funny mustache at the end of my nose! I have an injury that makes running fast painful, so my job as a therapy horse makes me very happy. I love to be brushed, and spend time with the riders on the ground, or in the saddle. I think lessons are fun when we play games, and did you know we get snacks after the rides?!

Henry head shot.JPG


I am a gray dun, also known as a grulla. I love my life as a roping horse, but I get a little jealous when I see the other horses having so much fun with our riders. You might notice me when I make an appearance at special events or fill in for other horses when they are busy. And by the way, I'm a true gentleman who loves all treats!


My name is Princess and my dark mane and tail make me as pretty as one too! All the boys love me, because I’m the only mare at Young Hearts. I have done a variety of different riding styles in the past, but my favorite is to go nice and slow to help the riders grow their confidence to ride independently. My favorite treats are carrots!

Princess head shot.JPG


Hi! I’m the smallest on the team at Young Hearts! My name is Pickles and I’m so happy to be here. I’ve helped lots of young people learn to ride and care for horses during my long career as a Pony Club pony! I have experience with eventing, dressage, jumping, and games. I love treats and making new friends. I may be small, but I have the best hair of all the horses here! Check me out next time you’re at the barn!


My name is Smarty and I am a strong and beautiful quarter-horse gelding. In my younger years, I traveled all around the Northwest in roping competitions, earning multiple victories along the way. During my career, I sustained an injury, bringing me to Young Hearts for an opportunity to give back to the community. I'm doing my best to bring maturity and confidence to the herd (Some of them are a little silly, but don't tell them I said so!).  With my stout stature and calm demeanor, I love helping the riders who are working on core strength and balance.

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