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“As a parent of a special needs kid, let me tell you that it is such a joy and relief to work with Kristin. She treats our child with such love and compassion and she always makes her feel welcome. It’s an added bonus that she’s able to incorporate speech therapy services with equine therapy services to suit our child’s ever-changing needs. We feel so fortunate to be included in this fun and friendly all-inclusive program.”

          ~Gina, Young Hearts Parent

"Our daughter has been riding with Kristin for four years. It has been amazing to see her grow in confidence and strength on such a large animal. Kristin provides a safe place for Mary to learn, explore, and expand her skills, both on and off the horse."

          ~Andrea, Young Hearts Parent

“ When Charlotte first started riding, she would not hold herself up on the horse, so Kristin had to ride behind her. Over many sessions, she slowly became more comfortable due to the kind horses and helpful volunteers. There have been leaps and bounds for her throughout these years from increasing her language, gaining strength and balance, and overall independence. She looks forward to coming to see Kristin and the horses.”

          ~Karen, Young Hearts Parent

“Young Hearts provides my child a place where he can be himself.”

          ~Melissa, Young Hearts Parent

“My son may not have been the first to get on and ride the horses, but he loves brushing and kissing the horses, and we love the environment that Young Hearts has so that he can feel comfortable enough to do so. Kristin has made a real commitment to receiving the proper training, and it makes a big difference in her interactions with the students. Because of her schooling in Speech Therapy, she’s able to communicate with my son, and other kids like him, who don’t have many words.”

          ~Vicki, Young Hearts Parent

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